Search auto-complete works by providing suggestions as you type into the search box. This technique is widely used by search engines to suggest popular search terms related to the one being entered.

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I recently came across this introduction to UX design by Joel Marsh — UX Crash Course: 31 Fundamentals. This series of 31 articles is a great overview of the subject, broken down into a series of short, readable articles on each aspect.

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This 404 error page best practice from online store Ballard Designs, seems so obvious I'm surprised I've never seen it mentioned before. In addition to providing your visitor with the usual links to home, search, customer service, etc, why not provide them with actual product recommendations?

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Email testing service Litmus delivers one of my favorite email newsletters. Not only do they provide great content (if you are an email marketer) each month, but from a design perspective their elegant, colorful emails are a treat to read, regardless of whether you are using a traditional PC/laptop or mobile device.

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Following on from my recent post about why you shouldn't use rotating image carousels I wanted to share the actual stats for a auto-rotating carousel on a key page of an ecommerce site I manage in order to look at how effective it is for showcasing multiple pieces of content.

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A web design element that I have commonly used is the image carousel or image slider. However, I recently caught up with some articles that highlight usability issues with them. This has caused me to question my fondness for them as a way to present hero content above the fold when space is limited.

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This infographic from Volusion compares the add-to-cart buttons of 50 leading ecommerce retailers in order to see what design trends and possible best practices emerge. Here are the key takeaways from the infographic:

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As I was checking ticket prices for flights back to the UK this summer, I happened to use the websites of several airlines. The variety in terms of design and the quality of that design was noticeable.

I'm always interested in the different approaches that web design teams take when creating websites within an industry that share many common characteristics, so I thought I would look a little wider at airline websites from around the world and see which ones appealed to me the most from a visual standpoint.

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While I'm on the theme of cheat sheets, Moz has made a new version of their SEO Cheat Sheet available.

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I often struggle to get stakeholders to read project documents, even if they are something as simple as a two-page creative brief. That's why I found this one-page usability test plan dashboard from Userfocus to a potentially useful tool for outlining everything involved with running a usability test in an easily digestible format that even busy co-workers can find time to read scan.

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