What Have You Learned Recently?

Thoughts on the importance of adopting an attitude of ongoing professional learning and development if you want to be successful.

In a recent blog post, “Fully baked“, Seth Godin remarksĀ on the difference between medical professionals and knowledge workers in their attitudes towards ongoing learning. Continue reading “What Have You Learned Recently?”

Delightful Ecommerce App Add-to-Cart Animations

These app add-to-cart animations provide an element of surprise and delight for mobile shoppers and help to keep them engaged and entertained.

I love these delightful add-to-cart animations! They make me want to keep adding items to my cart over and over. Continue reading “Delightful Ecommerce App Add-to-Cart Animations”

Ecommerce Mobile App Shopping Carts Design Gallery

A wide-ranging collection of shopping carts from leading iPhone and Android mobile ecommerce apps. See how retailers from around the world approach this critical part of online shopping.

Continue reading “Ecommerce Mobile App Shopping Carts Design Gallery”

How I Moved my Blog to WordPress from Movable Type

Thoughts about my experience of migrating my 10-year old blog from an ancient blogging platform to a modern one.

I started my blog 13 years ago, in 2003. At the time, Movable Type was the most popular blogging platform; although a challenger, in the form of WordPress, had newly arrived on the blogging scene. Continue reading “How I Moved my Blog to WordPress from Movable Type”

Everything You Need to Get Started with Agile in One Post

This comprehensive introduction to the many aspects of agile development offers a great grounding in the basics, with plenty of jumping off points to learn more.

I’m learning how my role as product owner fits into an agile development methodology for our mobile apps. As such, I’m trying to improve my knowledge of agile development in general. Continue reading “Everything You Need to Get Started with Agile in One Post”

Be Inspired By These Quotes On Creativity and Design

A collection of essential quotes on different aspects of design; the need for great design, how to achieve it, and the importance of innovation.

I really enjoyed reading through this collection of quotes on creativity and design. A selection of my favorites are below. My next goal is to start introducing them into my everyday working conversations. Continue reading “Be Inspired By These Quotes On Creativity and Design”