Ecommerce Mobile Home Page Design Gallery

This collection of over 100 full-length mobile home page designs from top online retailers is a great source of inspiration for ecommerce mobile design.

I am (finally) working on a mobile design for the main ecommerce website I run. As I started thinking about the layout of the site and of the home page, I wanted to see what approaches leading online retailers were taking for their mobile designs, and what ideas and best practices I could apply. Continue reading “Ecommerce Mobile Home Page Design Gallery”

Our Customers Page Showcase: Best Practices and Examples of Creative Customer Pages

Showcase of over 50 creative examples of customers pages plus best practice recommendations on how to design a more effective customers page.

I’m currently working on a ‘customers’ page for one of my websites. In researching layout and presentation ideas, I came across many examples of creative ways to approach the design of this page, other than laying out a bunch of logos in a grid (although there were plenty of these). Continue reading “Our Customers Page Showcase: Best Practices and Examples of Creative Customer Pages”

Search Auto-Complete and Auto-Suggest Showcase

A showcase of over 40 best practice examples of search auto-complete and search auto-suggest being used in creative ways.

Search auto-complete works by providing suggestions as you type into the search box. This technique is widely used by search engines to suggest popular search terms related to the one being entered. Continue reading “Search Auto-Complete and Auto-Suggest Showcase”

Litmus Email Design Showcase

Email testing service Litmus delivers one of my favorite email newsletters. Not only do they provide great content (if you are an email marketer) each month, but from a design perspective their elegant, colorful emails are a treat to read, regardless of whether you are using a traditional PC/laptop or mobile device.
Continue reading “Litmus Email Design Showcase”

11 Eye-catching Airline Website Designs

A collection of some of the best designed airline websites from around the world.

As I was checking ticket prices for flights back to the UK this summer, I happened to use the websites of several airlines. The variety in terms of design and the quality of that design was noticeable.

I’m always interested in the different approaches that web design teams take when creating websites within an industry that share many common characteristics, so I thought I would look a little wider at airline websites from around the world and see which ones appealed to me the most from a visual standpoint.
Continue reading “11 Eye-catching Airline Website Designs”

Abandoned Cart Email Design Showcase: 30+ Examples of Abandoned Cart Emails

A collection of more than 30 examples of abandoned shopping cart emails representing best practice in terms of design and copywriting.

As part of setting up my own abandoned shopping cart email program, I wanted to see some good examples of copywriting and design for this very specific type of triggered email.
Continue reading “Abandoned Cart Email Design Showcase: 30+ Examples of Abandoned Cart Emails”

30 Creative Uses of Animated GIFs in Emails

A collection of over 30 examples of animated GIFs being used in creative and inspiring ways in marketing emails.

If your email design is looking a bit ‘flat’ you might want to consider using an animated GIF to liven up your design. Although not commonly used in emails due to their impact on email file size and the extra work involved in creating them, animated GIFs can act as ‘design delighters’ for your subscribers and bring life to your designs.
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37 Examples of Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails

A collection of the best abandoned cart email copywriting from large and small online retailers.

I’m setting up an abandoned shopping cart email program for our website. In developing the copy for the emails, my online research came up with a variety of examples of abandoned cart emails to refer to.

The only problem was that they were all images of the actual emails, which made it impossible to extract pieces of copywriting that I liked.
Continue reading “37 Examples of Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails”

Web Page Pagination Design Showcase

Looking for design inspiration? Try my collection of over 45 examples of well designed pagination.

I’m always fascinated by the creative approaches web designers take to seemingly straightforward UI elements such as breadcrumbs and search boxes. Recently I needed to provide some feedback for a page design that involved pagination, and so I set out across the web in search of examples.
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Banner Ad Design Showcase: 77 Examples of Effective Banner Ad Designs

Get inspired with this collection of over 70 of the best designed and most effective online banner ads.

I’ve recently been working on a number of retargeting banner ad campaigns using Retargeter┬áto serve the ads.

In order to provide some guidance to my designer and to get a better understanding the types of banner ad I wanted to create, I pulled together this showcase of banner ad designs, which I think show off many of the best practices for banner ad design. Continue reading “Banner Ad Design Showcase: 77 Examples of Effective Banner Ad Designs”