My Top Web Apps and Software of 2014

A round up of my favorite software and online tools, both large and small, that enable me to do my job and be productive.

Two years ago I posted about my best apps and software of 2012, and so I thought I would revisit my list to see what has changed in 2014. Continue reading “My Top Web Apps and Software of 2014”

18 Fantastic Free Fonts to Make Your Web Designs Stand Out [Infographic]

This infographic showcases 18 free fonts to elevate your web designs, plus tips to use them. All fonts are available for download or use as web fonts.

Whether you’re looking to make your designs more techy or more classy, this collection of free web fonts by Plato Web Design has something for every occasion, along with tips on how best to use them.

For convenience, I have provided links to the fonts after the infographic. Or you can download them all in a .RAR file from the source page.

Fantastic free fonts infographic

Download the Fonts

When you view a Google font below, don’t forget to click on the “Pairings” tab to see which other fonts it goes well with. To use the font as a web font or to download it, click on the “Open [font name] in Google Fonts»” link at the top of the font specimen page.

If you do want to download a Google font, once you click through to the “Open [font name] in Google Fonts” page, click on the down arrow icon at the top right of the page (above the ‘page load speed’ graphic). You may also want to check out SkyFonts as a service to keep your downloaded Google fonts up-to-date.

Boring Font Replacements

Tech Fonts

Classy Fonts

Fancy Cursive Fonts

Great Introduction to the Essentials of User Experience Design

The UX Crash Course is an excellent introduction to the principles of user experience design and is worth sharing with designers and non-designers who want to learn more about this field.

I recently came across this introduction to UX design by Joel Marsh – UX Crash Course: 31 Fundamentals. This series of 31 articles is a great overview of the subject, broken down into a series of short, readable articles on each aspect.
Continue reading “Great Introduction to the Essentials of User Experience Design”

Get Buy-in Faster with this One-page Usability Test Plan Dashboard

This handy dashboard organizes all the tasks involved in a running a usability test into a single page for easy reading.

I often struggle to get stakeholders to read project documents, even if they are something as simple as a two-page creative brief. Continue reading “Get Buy-in Faster with this One-page Usability Test Plan Dashboard”

Create Awesome Article Headlines in Seconds with the Content Idea Generator

The content idea generator will create an endless source of headlines for articles and blog post posts based on any topic you enter.

It’s sometimes often hard to come up with great ideas for articles. That’s why I found this content idea generator to be such a useful online tool.

It seems like a bit of fun to begin with (much like the LinkedIn recommendation generator), but it actually generates some good headlines, and more importantly, sets the creative juices flowing. Continue reading “Create Awesome Article Headlines in Seconds with the Content Idea Generator”

My Best Web Apps and Software of 2012

My favorite web apps and software of 2012 that I use on a regular basis managing web development projects and running websites.

Last year I posted about my top web tools of 2011, so I thought I’d revisit that post to see which ones I’m still using in 2012 (hint: most of them) and if any new ones had found a place in my web development armory. Continue reading “My Best Web Apps and Software of 2012”

Google Analytics Site Map (Cheat Sheet)

When I’m showing others how to use reports in Google Analytics, I often see them frantically writing down how to navigate back to that report.

And, truth be told, it’s not always easy to remember which reports are located under which tabs, especially for new users.

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Website Migration Checklist for Launching New Sites

We are about to launch one of our main websites on a new ecommerce platform. As you can imagine, there are a ton of details to keep track of, which is why I found this website migration checklist (PDF 66KB), provided to me by my friends at SaleAMP, very handy.

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Improve Your Color Schemes with this Collection of Online Color Palette Tools for Designers

Looking for ways to come up with new color palettes or help with making sure that the color scheme you are planning to use has complementary colors? Then this collection of online color palette tools and resources will be a great help.

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