Exploring Navigation Conventions Across Federal Reserve Bank Websites

An exploration of the primary navigation of the 12 Federal Reserve district bank websites in order to uncover navigation conventions and inconsistencies.

The United States Federal Reserve banking system is broken up into 12 districts or regions, each of which is overseen by a regional bank. Don’t ask me how but I was recently looking at the websites for these banks.

As I did so, I started thinking about navigation design. I am always interested in the similarities and differences in the way that different people organize information that covers the same subject matter.

Whether it is the grouping of information on a home page or the ordering of links in a main navigation bar, it is fascinating to see what conventions are followed and (for better or worse) where these trends are ignored.

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Weather.com Mobile App Redesign

The redesigned Weather.com app looks very nice but has some usability issues which impact how easy it is to understand the weather quickly.

Weather.com recently partnered with design agency Makeable to redesign their popular mobile app, largely with good results, in my opinion. Continue reading “Weather.com Mobile App Redesign”

Great Introduction to the Essentials of User Experience Design

The UX Crash Course is an excellent introduction to the principles of user experience design and is worth sharing with designers and non-designers who want to learn more about this field.

I recently came across this introduction to UX design by Joel Marsh – UX Crash Course: 31 Fundamentals. This series of 31 articles is a great overview of the subject, broken down into a series of short, readable articles on each aspect.
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One Simple Tip to Increase Ecommerce Conversions from Your 404 Error Page

Add product recommendations to your online store 404 error page to increase conversions, page views and more.

This 404 error page best practice from online store Ballard Designs, seems so obvious I’m surprised I’ve never seen it mentioned before. In addition to providing your visitor with the usual links to home, search, customer service, etc, why not provide them with actual product recommendations?
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Image Carousel Click-through Rate Analysis

Click-through data for an image carousel shows that it rapidly drops off after the first banner, with the last banners getting almost no clicks.

Following on from my recent post about why you shouldn’t use rotating image carousels I wanted to share the actual stats for a auto-rotating carousel on a key page of an ecommerce site I manage in order to look at how effective it is for showcasing multiple pieces of content. Continue reading “Image Carousel Click-through Rate Analysis”

Why You Should Not Use Image Carousels on Your Website

A look at how auto-rotating image carousels reduce usability and why they should be used with caution (if at all) on your website.

A web design element that I have commonly used is the image carousel or image slider. However, I recently caught up with some articles that highlight usability issues with them.

This has caused me to question my fondness for them as a way to present hero content above the fold when space is limited. Continue reading “Why You Should Not Use Image Carousels on Your Website”

Get Buy-in Faster with this One-page Usability Test Plan Dashboard

This handy dashboard organizes all the tasks involved in a running a usability test into a single page for easy reading.

I often struggle to get stakeholders to read project documents, even if they are something as simple as a two-page creative brief. Continue reading “Get Buy-in Faster with this One-page Usability Test Plan Dashboard”

Improving Ecommerce Site Search with Redirects

User redirects as part of your site search to send users directly to your most relevant content for general searches.

Jacob Nielsen recently posted an interesting article on how to improve the usability of website search, given that users are typically so poor at using search effectively. Continue reading “Improving Ecommerce Site Search with Redirects”

Forbes Doesn’t Care About the User Experience

Forbes slideshows are so peppered with ads that they have forgotten why they created them in the first place

Check out this slideshow from Forbes about America’s Most Miserable Cities. Other than the paper-thin amount of reporting going on, the main thing that strikes me is the amount of advertising on each page.
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