Thoughts On Writing Better Ecommerce Product Content

A recent article by the Nielsen Norman Group — 3 Tips for Better Product Descriptions on Websites — got me thinking about product content. In particular, I want to talk about the first tip the author provides — 'answer questions.'

As a retailer of video security products, I am often surprised by how little information some competitor websites provide about the products they sell.

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10 Tips to Write More Clickable and Shareable Headlines

In this post on OkDork, 1 million blog post headlines were analyzed in the hope of finding out what makes one post more shareable than another. The results are compelling and worth incorporating into your own content creation process.

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More Infographics

More Infographics

I haven't posted much about what I have been working on in some time, so I thought I would catch up with a few infographics I have created with my online designer, Ismael.

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What Influences on Ecommerce Consumer Checkout Behavior? [Infographic]

This infographic from MarketingProfs offers an in-depth look into the most important factors that influence whether a customer will check out or abandon their cart when shopping online.

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Online Shopping Cart Usability Tips

This article from the Nielsen Norman Group on supporting user decision making in the ecommerce shopping cart has four useful tips for helping shoppers get to the check out stage.

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Our Customers Page Showcase: Best Practices and Examples of Creative Customer Pages

I'm currently working on a 'customers' page for one of my websites. In researching layout and presentation ideas, I came across many examples of creative ways to approach the design of this page, other than laying out a bunch of logos in a grid (although there were plenty of these).

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Posted in: Showcases | 1 Comment Mobile App Redesign recently partnered with design agency Makeable to redesign their popular mobile app, largely with good results, in my opinion.

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Complete Guide to SEO for Ecommerce

I recently came across a very comprehensive SlideShare presentation by Adam Audette of the Rimm-Kaufman Group that covers some of the key aspects of SEO for ecommerce websites.

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Search Auto-Complete and Auto-Suggest Showcase

Search auto-complete works by providing suggestions as you type into the search box. This technique is widely used by search engines to suggest popular search terms related to the one being entered.

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Great Introduction to the Essentials of User Experience Design

I recently came across this introduction to UX design by Joel Marsh — UX Crash Course: 31 Fundamentals. This series of 31 articles is a great overview of the subject, broken down into a series of short, readable articles on each aspect.

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