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Update: Although it's not free ($20 per year subscription), Attensa for Outlook looks like a nice alternative to IntraVnews, which I've reviewed below. They certainly seem to like it at Performancing.

I've finally made the move to keeping up with my favorite blogs through their RSS feeds. I tried a few apps and web-based services, but eventually settled on intraVnews, which is a free RSS plugin for Outlook.

You can publish to your blog right from Outlook, using a plugin, and it supports all the major blog software. Oh, and did I mention that it's free and works like a charm.

Plus, the support is great. I emailed them with a question and had a response back within the hour--now that's customer service!

I love reading my blogs via Outlook; it's just so convenient! I'm still waiting to see whether RSS will be the next 'big thing', but I'm certainly a convert.

Note: since I originally made this post, I moved to using Bloglines as my feed reader.

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