Gurus v. Bloggers Design Shootout

The "First Official Gurus v. Bloggers Design Shootout" is a very entertaining read. It's good to see that Andrei Herasimchuk has a sense of humor, as I was beginning to wonder. I can't wait for round 2.

However, I do take issue with his comment about Keith Robinson being a "self-proclaimed web designer". As well as being the lead web developer for Seattle Children's Hospital, Keith is also active in the freelance arena. I don't see anything "self-proclaimed" about that.

And it is by no means clear to me why Andrei put himself in the "gurus" group and Zeldman in the "bloggers". To my mind, it should be the other way around.

Still, and entertaining and topical read...

Posted on: April 9, 2004 | No comments

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