eHealthcare Leadership Awards: You Are a Winner!

Not that I'm one to blow my own trumpet (well, ocassionally, perhaps), but one of the sites I manage for my day job recently won the eHealthcare Leadership Award for best site design in the category Hospital with 200-399 beds.

It's the first time I've entered a site into an awards program, so I'm pretty chuffed about the outcome.

This awards program is one of the leading ones for healthcare web sites and the award for site design centered upon the following:

Is the Web design unusual, attractive, and engaging? Does the design facilitate access to key site information; provide strong branding and excellent usability?

What I like about the above description is that is asks more than just "does it look pretty?" and recognizes the huge amount of work that has to go on behind the scenes to create a decent web site.

Anway, thanks to Phinney Bishof Design House for coming up with the visuals for the site, Brian Fling for leading the development of the IA and Keith Robinson for building the damn thing (oh, and adding lots of cool features like blogs, secure areas and so on).

Now that we have our new intranet up and running, I'm going to enter for that category next year. Plus we have a few other new site launches coming up which I'm feeling pretty good about. Hmmm, this awards thing can be pretty addictive...

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