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I've recently been submitting a site to some free web directories in order to help its search engine rankings. And, boy, what a thankless task that is!

Anyway, I thought it might be useful to others if I provided a list of the ones I submitted to. In going through this process I winnowed out a lot of dreck and ones that are no longer accepting free submissions (thanks spammers).

The List

Web Directory Submission Tips

As a result of going through this process I also came up with some 'best practices' (for me at least) to make it as efficient as possible.

  1. Use a special email address. I strongly recommend using a separate email address from your normal one. For example, If you start getting a bunch of spam, it'll be easier to set up some rules to stem the tide.
  2. Prepare your info. Write out the information you're going to need into Notepad (or equivalent). You're going to be doing a lot of copying and pasting, so you want the information you need readily to hand. Typically, this will be Title, URL, Description, Keywords, Your Name, and Email.
  3. Multi-task. Sumbit your site in batches. Open about 10 sites in separate tabs, find the "Submit Your Site" page for each and then copy each piece of information into the appropriate field for each site. This is much quicker than submitting to a site and then going on to the next.
  4. Set up your environment. Put on some good music, have a beer or two close by, and get cracking!

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