Branding and the Online User Experience

Jared Spool recently gave a talk at Google about online branding and his research on

the intersection between usability, designing for branding, and advertising.

The folks at Google very kindly made the video available online (47 minutes).

In his presentation, Jared discusses branding in general and explains affinity and dispositional branding.

He then goes on to talk about how a company's branding is affected by people's interaction with its web site. As you can imagine, bad user experience = bad brand impression and vice versa.

He finishes up with how online advertising can impact branding both positively and negatively depending on its context and how it affects the user experience of a site.

Jared Spool is always an entertaining and interesting presenter, so it's well worth a watch if you're not familiar with the essentials of branding and how it relates to the online world.

[via UIE Brainsparks]

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