More Useful Firefox Extensions for Web Designers

I've been using the Server Switcher Firefox extension for a while now and it is turning into one of those extensions that I'd find it hard to manage without.

Basically, it enables you to switch between your live and development servers with the click on an icon in the address bar. This makes it really easy to compare a page in either environment — very handy for visually checking pages once you've uploaded them.

Spell Checker

Another extension I've relying on — especially when writing new blog posts — is SpellBound.

If something is spelled incorrectly it is immediately underlined in red in the text area box. Simply right click in the text area box and choose "Check Spelling" to fix all your mistakes. You can even add words to a personal dictionary.

Preview Link Target Types

When you hover your cursor over a link Link Alert adds an icon to the cursor to indicate the type of file you are pointing to. This makes it easy to ensure that links to different file types have been tagged correctly (for example, we put "PDF 123KB" after PDF links).

It's also a handy tool for you're browsing so that you don't open a PDF or other downloadable document without knowing about it first.

Further Reading

If you're interested in more web developer FireFox extensions, I posted a list in a previous post.

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