Web Site Visitors Don't Change Text Size

Click Density recently posted the results of a survey of browser text size settings across the 1,500 sites they currently track.

For consistency's sake their analysis was limited to Internet Explorer users, but the results are pretty conclusive: 99.7% of web site visitors used the medium (default) text size.

This doesn't even vary much depending on screen resolution either.

I find the ability to change my browser's text size very useful (I just did it in order to quickly re-read this post) and so it's a shame so many people are apparently unaware this ability even exists (I'm assuming that they're unaware rather than that they simply choose not to use this feature).

I don't see why browser makers can't display this functionality in a more obvious fashion — either within the default set of browser buttons or in the browser toolbar.

Posted on: September 27, 2006 | No comments

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