Yahoo! Movie Rating Widget — Interesting Design Decision

I was browsing around Yahoo! Movies the other day, which as Borat would say is very "nice". However, I was struck by an interesting interface design decision they had made.

When you try to rate a movie you've seen a small widget pops up which gives you the option to rate the movie from A+ to F.

Sidenote: I love the number of choices. Far better than the usual 1 to 5, which means that most movies end up as a 3.

'Yahoo! Movies rating widget

What's interesting is that the scoring for each grade (e.g. B-, B, B+) goes from right to left instead of left to right.

Seeing as most of the site's visitors read and write from left to right, I wonder why the design team chose to have the top score on the left.

This was completely counter-intuitive to me, and as I was going through movies rating them, took a while to get used to. Not a big deal, but strange nonetheless as it seems so obvious to do it the other way round.

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