Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts to Quick Launch Web Sites

Tired of typing in full web site URLs? Well, Firefox has a few handy shortcuts to make launching a site a little quicker.

To quick launch a ".com" web site, simply type the name of the site into your address bar (e.g., "google") and hit CTRL + ENTER. The "www" and ".com" are added automatically.

To launch a ".org" web site, use CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER.

To launch a ".net" site, use SHIFT + ENTER.

If you want to open any of these URLs in a new tab, just add ALT to the above key combinations.

Handy, eh?

Unfortunately for IE users (why do you still exist?), only the ".com" keyboard shortcut works in IE.

Posted on: November 30, 2006 | 5 Comments

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5 Comments Posted

Very useful!!

Did you also know that you can enter search terms directly into Firefox's address bar and in some cases, it'll take you directly to the site?
For instance, typing in 'faux columns' takes you to the article on A List Apart.
Other times you'll be taken to a Google search page with your term entered in the search field and the list of results below (e.g. that's what happens when typing in 'smiley cat').

Great! these are helpfull thanks!

hey man these are ery handy tips
and i am very imporessed
i knew a few and came to know more
well thanks again and keep up the good work
shorcuts are alwasy encouraged.

hey man i knew most of the shortcuts but still nice info to share. i think we should share these info so that people who dont know can know about these and aslo we can share our own secrets and expand our knowledge.


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