Enterprise Search for Free?

IBM and Yahoo! have launched IBM Omnifind Yahoo! Edition — a free enterprise search product to compete with Google's Enterprise Search Appliance.

Of course, with the Google Search Appliance you get the hardware included in the cost, so the IBM/Yahoo! product is only really free if you happen to have a beefy server lying around.

In addition before you start thinking all your enterprise search problems are over, it's worth listening to Gerry McGovern on why intranet search fails. To quote:

Time and time again, I hear staff plead: "Why can't we just get Google?" But buying Google — or any other search engine for that matter — will not solve the problem.

Read the article to learn why. I get asked this question a lot, and so it's great to have an article to send people to — which, more importantly, is written by an expert (because apparently I'm not).

(via Download Squad)

Posted on: December 18, 2006 | 1 Comment

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hey man that is really a very nice info about google
i am alwasy facinated about google
right from the start when i started using net i was amazed about how google works and as and when i came to knw my respect for them increased. and i dnt think any other programme can now compete google

Amitav, you’re right. Other programme can now compete google ;-).




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