Web Designer Rap Video

Well I guess it had to happen. More weird than funny, someone finally came up with a web designer rap. Watch it below or on YouTube.

Note: the audio is NSFW.

Did this make you laugh or cringe? A little more work with a thesaurus and it could have been pretty funny. I still prefer the web design commercial I linked to previously.

Posted on: January 25, 2007 | 1 Comment

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Wow. Uhh.....Wow.

First off, this guys is NOT a web designer. He's a coding geek. I'm a web designer.

Secondly, this guys will NOT be doing any of the things he offers to do in the song. Dude has probably never had a date before - and surely won't after that truly disturbing performance.

Don't forget the HCI Rap... :)

OMG, i can't believe that, who would do that to them self and the web designing race?

I am no longer called a web designer but an internet artist!

John — you nailed it; 'disturbing' is definitely the most appropriate description for it.

Grant — re. 'internet artist', I like it. A little avant-garde but very creative!

Really though, the lyrics were terrible. Even I can do better(ish):

I am a web designer,
For pixels and code there's no one finer.
You can get cheaper if you go to China,
But for CSS stick with the long-timer.

I think I'd better stop now.

brilliant, very good

LMFAO that is terrible.
I love this web designer debate though.
Lots of web coders around going by the name of designers but there is a huge difference.. designers cant make a site do beans, but they can make them pretty. Coders have a half assed attempt at both (like the wonderful me).

Nick — ouch! I think you're talking about graphic designers rather than web designers when it comes to 'making a site pretty'.

I'd say that, more often than not, web designers can do quite a lot when it comes to 'making a site do beans'. That's been my experience at least.

Now, coders who try to design … that's when things start to get ugly.




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