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Here are are few of the sights that have caught my eye (for better or worse) recently.

Great Way to Set Client Budget Expectations

Web design firm, Sidebar Creative, use a slider on their contact form for clients-to-be to estimate the budget for their project. The default setting is $100,000 and the lowest setting is $10,000.

Contact form slider

This is an excellent way to deflect clients who don't have sufficient budget for their services and also to set expectations for larger clients that this firm is capable of dealing with larger and more expensive projects.

A Fly Out List to End Them All

Mouse over the red 'Newsweek' link on MSNBC's Newsweek site and you are 'treated' to the longest fly out list I've ever seen. At 660px tall it probably won't even fit on most people's monitors.

Newsweek fly out list

I think a regular directory page might have been the way to go here.

3D Ski Resort Maps now has 3D maps of many of the resorts it promotes. Here's one of Whistler. This is a wonderful idea as it's often hard to get an idea of the layout of a ski resort from the usual 2D map.

Whistler resort map

I have to admit that I'm not impressed by the gimmicky resort choser which is basically high-tech mystery meat navigation and fails on every count as a good navigation device.

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