Are You Making the Most of Your Site's Thank You Page?

Fiftyfoureleven has a useful post about how they increased a client's newsletter sign-up by putting the sign-up form on the thank you page of the site.

Although this isn't a new idea (see the links at the bottom of the Fiftyfoureleven post), I wonder how many site owners are making the most of this potentially very useful page.

I'll be the first to admit that I am not.

Our network of sites has numerous thank you pages: for when visitors make inquiries, email a page to a friend, buy something, apply for something or register for an event or class.

These are all excellent opportunities to market to an already engaged audience — clearly they are because they've taken the time to interact with our site.

We have a health-related email newsletter that we're keen to increase subscribership for. However, although we've done some limited cross-promotion across our sites, not once did it occur to me to use our thank you pages.

Instead we have 'nice' blank pages with just a few lines of text at the top saying 'message received', etc. What a waste!

Posted on: March 15, 2007 | 1 Comment

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To be honest I do not really know anyone who does what you suggested. Its a good idea though. I guess you could use the same idea for rss when commenting etc

Good thought provoking point mate :)


One concept for that would be something like a prominent "Did You Know..." or "What now?" section; something to draw visitors' attention to the other site features.

With a bit of ingenuity, it wouldn't take much to detect the service they just used (ergo the "thank you") and display bits about the stuff they didn't use!

Doug — that's a good point. A useful thing to do might be to display content, newsletters, etc that is specifically related to the user's action or inquiry.

I would imagine that would be quite successful in ensuring further user interaction with your site.




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