10 High-Scoring Desktop Tower Defense Maps

I recently joined the ranks of those playing Desktop Tower Defense. My scores haven't been too great; however, so I've been looking to see how I can improve my game.

I like the fact that DTD provides a constantly updated list of player maps. However, because the game background wasn't included, it's hard to see exactly where the towers are placed.

So, I thought it might be helpful to overlay some of the highest scoring maps on top of the game background so that I could see exactly where I should position my forces.

Note: These were created by playing in 'Medium / Normal' mode.

Desktop Tower Defense Map 1
Score: 8136

Map 2
Score: 8136

Map 3
Score: 8132

Map 4
Score: 8132

Map 5
Score: 8132

Map 6
Score: 8130

Map 7
Score: 8130

Map 8
Score: 8128

Map 9
Score: 8128

Map 10
Score: 8128

Strategies and Other Takeaways

So, what can we tell from these maps?

  1. Most high-scoring players don't upgrade their pellet towers.
  2. Placing a group of maxed out squirt towers in the center of the arena is a popular tactic. They're good for taking out the flying creeps.
  3. Very few people use bash towers — there's probably a reason for that.
  4. The defenses are not laid out symmetrically at the two entry points which stops the creeps from bunching up into hard-to-kill groups.

Of course, it's important to remember is that these maps do not tell the whole story. Timing is key when it comes to placing your defenses as is being prepared to update your strategy as the game progresses.

Become familiar with juggling as it will help your end-game when the creeps come on in droves.

There are plenty of desktop tower defense videos on YouTube, so watch some to see how the best players allocate their resources. Don't forget the DTD forum either.

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