Why Copywriters Will Always Be Important

I love this image from social networking site Dorbit:

Dorbit screenshot

All that effort crafting a nice looking graphic. If only I could understand what it said…

Posted on: September 8, 2007 | 3 Comments

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3 Comments Posted

All your spanglish are belong to us!

They already corrected it! If that works fast in Dorbit

Wow, that was fast!

I have a more general question about posts like this — where you highlight a problem with a web site.

Is it fair for me to post this on my site or should I have emailed the site in question to tell them about the issue? After all, what web site is without problems?

I kind of see posts like these as 'teachable moments'. There are so many things to do when building a web site that it's helpful to the larger community to point out what happens when you miss a step.

Or am I just rationalizing my being overly critical?

They made a mistake, they fixed it so there is no need to make a comment about it.

But look at all the other grammar problems in the copy. It looks like they translated from one language through babelfish.

lol... spanglish... always good for a laugh.

"Warn when being published comments in collections"

I've browsed a little more that website and its full with grammar problems , as Roman Rentuk said they probably translated the website with an online translation tool. They are from Argentina... i think.
Anyway the website looks good.




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