Best Buy Doesn't Want My Money

Today I finally decided to splurge for an Xbox 360. I did some research on Amazon and then thought I'd check out another site or two to compare prices and deals.

The first site that popped into my head was BestBuy. So, I popped on over to their site to try and buy my new console.

  1. Scanning the global navigation, I quickly spotted the "Games & Toys" option.
  2. I hovered my mouse over it and immediately saw "Xbox 360" at the top of the fly out menu — click.
  3. On arriving at the Xbox 360 page I scrolled down past the main promo area telling me that "The future is now" and offering to show me how to connect my video game system to my HDTV, looking for a list of consoles.
  4. I scrolled down past the "Featured Offers" which all appeared to be game-related. Once I've got my console I might be interested in this area.
  5. I scrolled down past the "Games for Everyone" banner which looked like some sort of ad.
  6. I scrolled down past the "Featured Games" and the "Coming Soon!" sections.
  7. I scrolled down past the "Need Help?" section.
  8. And arrived at the bottom of the page, with no console in sight to buy.
  9. So I gave up and bought it from Amazon instead.

Posted on: November 6, 2007 | No comments

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