Flash Video Player Design Showcase

I'm working on a project to develop a video solution for a web site.

As part of my research I've been looking around the internet to see what design conventions are becoming established and what functional elements we should think about including.

I collected 50 Flash video player examples and put them up in my Elements of Design showcase. I hope you find them interesting / useful!

Posted on: November 18, 2007 | 5 Comments

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5 Comments Posted

Dumb question time: Is the code to be used for the video style included? As I would not mind using some of the examples for an up and coming website.

I think you'd have to contact the site in question for that! This showcase is really for inspiration only.

That was not the answer I was after :lol:
Thanks Christian!

Wow, these are awful! If I turned in any of these to my art director he would probably ask if I was feeling okay.

jbuhrer — that's a bit harsh! Some of these examples are pretty damn good. I think the Gamespot Flash player is excellent. I use it frequently and find it both elegant and easy to use.

Perhaps you can clarify as to what you find so displeasing?


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