New Book: Web Design for ROI

I recently came across an interesting new book — web design for ROI.

It's based on the idea (that many designers seem to forget) that most web sites are business-focused and so should be designed and run like one.

To quote:

Billions of dollars in spending decisions are influenced by web sites. So why aren't businesses laser-focused on designing their sites to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI)?

I also wanted to highlight some useful resources that are available on the book's web site.

There's a free chapter on the design of forms (PDF 1.1MB) as well as an example web site strategy document and template.

I'm actually going to use the strategy template for an upcoming site redesign I'll be working on. It looks like a good way to pull together a number of deliverables that I have previously developed separately.

As I mentioned, given the subject matter and how the book looks from the sample chapter, it seems well worth checking out.

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