Giant Collection of Add-To-Cart Buttons

Back in 2007, Get Elastic posted a handy collection of add-to-cart buttons along with some analysis of the label text and use of icons. I thought it would be useful to revisit this topic and so I gathered together over 200 add-to-cart buttons, including many from the top online retailers.

Add-to-cart buttons

Add-to-cart buttons

As you can see from the collection above, add-to-cart buttons come in all sizes and colors, with a selection of choices for button text. Let's see what trends emerge from all this variety.

Button Color

As far as color is concerned, add-to-cart buttons mainly come in red, blue, gray/black, green, orange, pink, or yellow.

Gray/black and red are the most popular color choices at about 20% of buttons, followed by green and blue at just over 15%. Regardless of the button color, white is the overwhelming choice for button text.

Add-to-cart button color chart

Add-to-cart button colors

Button Shape

Buttons were all rectangular in shape, but when it comes to the finer details, rounded corners beat out square corners almost 2:1 in terms of popularity.

Add-to-cart button corner style

Add-to-cart button corner style

Button Text

Looking at the breakdown of button text, 'add-to-cart' is the runaway favorite with 56% of buttons opting for this label. It's worth noting that this is a largely US-centric collection, and that 'add-to-basket' is more common in the UK than in the US.

Add-to-cart button text chart

Add-to-cart button text

When it comes to writing button text, ALL CAPS is the favorite with 53% of buttons using this style of formatting.

Add-to-cart button text case chart

Add-to-cart button text case

Button Icons

The use of icons is almost a 50/50 split, although buttons without an icon are slightly more popular than those that use an icon of some sort.

Icon use in add-to-cart buttons

Icon use in add-to-cart buttons

For those buttons that do include an icon, a shopping cart is most popular (40%), followed by some type of arrow (28%).

Icon style in add-to-cart buttons

Icon style in add-to-cart buttons

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