LinkedIn Email Makes Great Use of Technology

I really like this LinkedIn email I received recently. I was just checking my mail before starting some work, when before I knew it 20 minutes had flown by while I clicked around on ex-colleagues to see what job moves they had done in the past year that I hadn't heard about.

Although I try and keep up with my LinkedIn connections, quite a few of them had made changes that I was unaware of. Best of all, a couple who were between jobs when I was last in touch with them are now employed.

LinkedIn Email

A very clever email, nicely implemented.

Good subject line too:

Christian, 84 of your connections changed jobs in 2010

Who could resist opening that email?

Posted on: January 15, 2011 | 1 Comment

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That is really a great email and this kind of new innovations will definitely go heights.

LinkedIn seems to be on the rise, i personally don't use it that much but i do know of people that have gained relationships and created businesses together from meeting on there.

That is really a great email. Not really paid much attention to LindedIn but it seems to be increasing popular

LinkedIn connections are really valuable in terms to increase your business these days...

Really good to see that Linkedin makes a clever improvement day by day .

nowadays a lot of guys use linkedin for traffic and they say it's pretty high converting traffic.. so linkedin seems like a good source of traffic :)




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