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Now that I am responsible for my company's email marketing campaigns I have become much more interested in email design and best practices. Once you subscribe to enough marketing emails you notice that there is a lot of great design going on in this space, especially from the leading online retailers.

So I thought I would start showcasing companies that consistently produced great looking emails. I started with Kate Spade as I really like the colorful, elegant design of their emails.

View the Kate Spade email design showcase (best viewed with your browser maximized).

Posted on: January 25, 2011 | 2 Comments

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2 Comments Posted

A nice collection of email marketing designs. I have been experimenting more with them myself recently. The thing I find most difficult is to balance the amount of information included to attract the user but not to overwhelm them with too much either. Thanks for sharing.

They look good but you have to wonder how many people actually load the emails fully and get to appreciate the design efforts? I never load the images when I read my email. It's a shame as I am probably missing out on lots of nice design work!

Good collection of email marketing designs. Kate Spade email design showcase is really brilliant. You should click on my name to know what exactly I do and offer.

I like the typewriter/handbag one. Very smart image designs.

Great collection of email marketing designs that will definitely grab the reader's attention. With promotional emails coming in second behind "Familiarity with Brand" as the primary influence on Web site visits according to The ForeSee Results Report, marketers need to realize that email marketing is still one of the most influential marketing tools. Designs like yours are sure to inspire others in their marketing quests.

Nice collection i liked your post good creativity


These are the kind of templates we like to see clients use in their e-mail marketing campaigns. Often times, it is difficult to overcome the resistance of the office marketing professional who is concerned these types of templates overshadow their personal creative designs. Once you explain the benefits to the business and the perception people will have of your online marketing materials, the buy-in is much easier to attain.

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hi nice stuff i will bookmark your site

Fantastic collection of email designs, I think they get the amount of content just right. Thanks for sharing

OMG! i really find secret design concept..
thanks for sharing..




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