10 Ways to Repackage Your Content For More Links and Exposure

Writing good, original content is hard. Which is why I love these two example filled posts by Ann Smarty about reusing existing content in clever and creative ways.

The first article looks at ways that you can repackage your content into formats such as presentations, PDFs and cheat sheets.

The second article delves into how you can repackage your content into an image-based format, such as a comic, a flowchart, or a comparison chart.

Both are well worth a read if you are finding new content ideas hard to come by.

Posted on: November 26, 2011 | 4 Comments

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4 Comments Posted


I am very much happy about this article to get some information and how to implement in our website,

thank's a lot,


I completely agree with you. Generating original content every time is a difficult and time consuming process. Repackaging content in different formats that helps users understand the content better is a good idea.

Thanks for sharing,

I'm new in content writing, so thanks.

Waiting for next posts.


Thanks for sharing these articles, I'm looking forward to testing these techniques. We write a lot of content and this could be of huge benefit.



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