Banner Ad Design Showcase: 77 Examples of Effective Banner Ad Designs

Banner ad design showcase

I've recently been working on a number of retargeting banner ad campaigns using Retargeter to serve the ads. In order to provide some guidance to my designer and to get a better understanding the types of banner ad I wanted to create, I pulled together this showcase of banner ad designs, which I think show off many of the best practices for banner ad design.

There are plenty of articles about banner ad design best practices, but I like the way Retargeter sums them up in a convenient list on their getting started page:

  1. Keep It Simple – Have one simple message and a clear and powerful image.
  2. Buttons Increase CTR – A succinct call to action within a button is ideal.
  3. Honesty Is The Best Policy – Make your offer and/or value proposition clear and honest.
  4. Give It Away – Hold a promotion or have a contest, give away free products.
  5. Beauty Sells – Shameless but true, a picture of an attractive person increases CTR.
  6. Be BOLD – Use a powerful headline: get people to think / react and then click.
  7. No White Backgrounds – They blend in with the page and don’t allow your ad to pop.
  8. Stay Relevant – Have ads that are relevant to current events or important new trends.
  9. Iterate – Keep trying new ideas and ads until you find one that works for your users.

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