Pantone Fall 2006 Color Scheme

Looking for some color scheme ideas for your next design? Want to keep up with (or get ahead of) the seasons? I just came across Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for Fall ’06 (PDF 1.73MB).

Here’s the color scheme using the HTML hex equivalents:

Pantone 2006 fall color scheme
Pantone 2006 fall color scheme

“Bijou Blue” is apparently the top fall color, chosen by 20% of designers, followed by “Frost Grey”, “Mineral Red” and “Purple Magic” (great name).

This is certainly a rich, warm color scheme, or, as the report says:

Just as day turns to twilight, fall 2006 colors are a subtle deepening of the world around, lit with the final glow of the turning horizon. New York designers have found themselves in a sanctuary of color, filled with the constancy of nightfall.

Oh, to be the person who has to come up with lines like that…

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