Top Reasons Why Shoppers Abandon Their Carts [Infographic]

This infographic highlights the top reasons why online shoppers do not complete their purchases and abandon their carts.

As part of developing our own abandoned cart email program, I’ve been researching examples from other retailers – looking both at the copy of the emails and their overall design.

This work has also led me to further review the causes of shopping cart abandonment and how I can reduce it on my own sites. I thought this infographic from Milo provides a good overview of the root causes:

Abandoned shopping cart infographic
Abandoned shopping cart infographic

Key Facts and Takeaways

67% of shopping carts are abandoned right before the transaction is completed.

Why shoppers abandon their carts:

  • 57% = Window shopping / not ready to purchase
  • 56% = Saving items for later
  • 55% = Shipping cost was too much
  • 51% = Cart did not qualify for free shipping
  • 40% = Shipping costs were listed too late

Lack of or long delivery times caused shoppers to abandon their carts:

  • 38% = 8 days or more
  • 24% = No delivery date
  • 16% = 6-7 days
  • 15% = 4-5 days
  • 8% = 3 days or less

Options that encourage shoppers to check out:

  • 73% = Free shipping
  • 60% = Estimated or guaranteed shipping date
  • 56% = Variety of payment options
  • 50% = Ability to save purchasing preferences
  • 47% = View order history
  • 38% = Expedited shipping options
  • 32% = Other product recommendations

3 thoughts on “Top Reasons Why Shoppers Abandon Their Carts [Infographic]”

  1. Not really sure how those percentages stack up… but an extremely interesting read nonetheless. Our ecommerce stores seem to meet most of the most important criteria – except estimated delivery date – something to look at!

  2. As far as the percentages are concerned, people could check more than one option so the total equals more than 100%. It still shows which options were the most popular

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