How to Mass Delete All the Emails in a Folder in Gmail

I used to subscribe to lots of emails from online retailers. As a result, I have thousands of these emails stored in folders (also known as “labels”) in Gmail. After deciding it was time for a cleanup, I discovered that mass deleting emails in Gmail is not that intuitive. So, here’s how to do it.  Read More

8 Easy UX Improvements to Make the Grab App More User Friendly

Grab is a mobile app, like Uber or Lyft, which you use to book a car or taxi to drive you somewhere. I use the Grab Android app everyday to take my kids to and from school. Overall, it has a good user experience, especially after a recent redesign. However, there are still a number of usability ‘niggles’ which I suggest how to solve below. Read More

The Most Popular Medium Articles on Product Management

A lot has been written on Medium about product management. A lot. You only have to do a search for product management or view all the posts tagged with product management to get an idea of the huge volume of knowledge available.

To help sift through all the noise, I’ve collected the 18 most liked (well, clapped) articles that are directly focused on the subject. Read More

14 Innovative Approaches to Mobile Product Detail Page Design

Mobile product detail pages (PDP) follow a largely standard design. Given the small area of screen real estate available and the commonality of the content to be conveyed it is not surprising that PDP designs have become quite similar.

In this post I’ll examine which retailers are trying new ideas for displaying content and offering unexpected functionality on the PDP. Here are 14 examples to explore. Read More