A Couple of New Web Tools

A couple of interesting web-based services have recently launched.


Rojo is a web-based RSS/newsfeed aggregator (like Bloglines) combined with some social networking and collaborating features, whatever they may be.

It’s not actually live yet, but seeing that I’m very happy with Bloglines I’m not sure that the additional features of Rojo would convince me to switch.


Jotspot (“The Application Wiki”) looks pretty interesting, however. From touring round the site it looks like a cross between Microsoft’s SharePoint and a regular wiki.

If they can find the right balance, this could be quite a cool tool – it could even give Basecamp a run for its money.

I like that fact that you can use forms to control the way information is entered and that you have more formatting options than in a regular wiki – this last feature is so important for non-technical users.

I requested a beta account – I’ll try it out and see how good it is for managing client projects.

[via Signal vs. Noise]