A Mention in CIO Insight Magazine

I was recently quoted in an article about the increasing use of blogs and blogging tools within the corporate realm: “The Rise of the Blog“.

The paragraphs in question are as follows:

At Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, in Seattle, Movable Type blogging software from Six Apart Ltd. is used to manage an intranet that serves 3,000 employees. The software, which allows dozens of people to post news and updates to calendars, project pages, and policy documents without going through an administrator, or learning HTML, works better than an intranet built using Microsoft’s FrontPage, which it replaced, says Web services manager Christian Watson.

“The distributed authorship of people from different departments means the content is fresher,” he adds. The blog software also obviated the need to invest in an expensive new content management system. “This was an internal project of the Web team, done without capital outlay and with minimal IT staff time,” Watson says. “The CIO is aware of it, and how it works, but it saved him money before he knew that the money might have had to be spent.”

I don’t remember using a word like ‘obviated’, but hey, it sounds pretty brainy, so I’ll take credit! [Full disclosure: okay, so I did have to look it up on Answers.com to make sure I knew what it meant.]