A Remarkable Coincidence?

Is it just me or does that navigation for Topix.net look remarkably similar to Doug Bowman’s Sliding Doors of CSS example?

Not that there’s any law against this, although I was disappointed to see that they hadn’t implemented Doug’s technique to make the text in the navigation actually resizable. On a related note, I would go so far as to suggest that text resizing as a whole needs to be looked into on the Topix site.

3 thoughts to “A Remarkable Coincidence?”

  1. You mean the tabs at the top? They’re just one big image map, it looks like. They look similar to the sliding doors example tabs, I suppose, but there are tons of sites with rounded 3D tabs.

  2. Jennifer, there certainly are tons of sites with rounded tabs, but to say that these two are alike by coincidence is stretching it in my mind.
    I guess I just found it odd that they didn’t go the whole way and implement the ‘sliding doors’ technique as well.

  3. Well, coincidence or no, the sliding doors tabs look a lot more slick than those on the topix.net site – the 3D effect is a lot nicer and the edges seem smoother. And like you say, if they were going to use those tabs, why not just use the markup at the same time, instead of creating a bunch of big images with all the tabs? It must be a pain in the neck whenever they want to add a new tab! So, I still bet it’s coincidence, but of course, I could be wrong. 🙂
    Either way, I agree with you, it would be much better if they used CSS and sliding doors for their tabs!

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