Add-to-Cart Button Design Best Practices [Infographic]

This infographic from Volusion compares the add-to-cart buttons of 50 leading ecommerce retailers in order to see what design trends and possible best practices emerge. Here are the key takeaways from the infographic:

Add-to-Cart Button Design Best Practices [Infographic]


  • Most popular button color: orange (32%), followed by blue (24%), and then red (20%)
  • Most popular button shape: rectangle with rounded corners (64%)
  • Average button size: 144px x 34px
  • Most popular wording: Add to Cart (54%), followed by Add to Bag (28%)
  • Icon use: 62% of sites did not use an icon

It’s interesting to see that the results of Volusion’s study matched my own results when I compiled a giant collection of add-to-cart buttons, so it’s safe to say that these best practices are not limited to the top 50 online retailers.

Of course, your own mileage may vary, so if you’re thinking of trying a new add-to-cart button style based on these findings, make sure you test it against your current version first.

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  1. Excellent infographic. The add to cart buttons are very nice and simple and attractive. The word “cart” has gone viral in this trending ecommerce world!

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