Being ‘Real’ on the Web

Lots has been written about the importance of writing your body copy, email newsletters, blogs, etc with personality so as to show that there are real people behind the corporate facade.

This comment on a Signal vs. Noise post about the experience of shopping at CD Baby shows how CD Baby injects its personality into the customer experience, all the way down to their packing slips. Talk about attention to detail!
Any store that can write a packing slip that’ll make me laugh out loud is well on the way to winning my loyalty as a customer.

3 thoughts to “Being ‘Real’ on the Web”

  1. I agree totally. Business should have a human face. There’s nothing worse than dealing with corporate morons who don’t even have a face you can slap 😛
    BTW how is the rss feed on my site? I tried to make it display full entries, did it work?

  2. Jim, the difficulty here is persuading decision makers that this would actually be a good move for them. They are usually so caught up in the need to present a ‘corporate face’ in all communications (internal and external) that they squeeze any personality out of anything that goes out.
    As for your RSS feed, the full entries do work, but there is no formatting of the text (e.g. into paragraphs) so it is hard to read. I just jump on over to your site to read the post.

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