Best Web Design Picks of 2005

A little late to the party, I suppose, but here are my top picks for 2005 on a variety of web design-related subjects.

1. Best Web Design Site

Winner: 456 Berea St
Honorable mention: A List Apart

2. Best Web App

Winner: Google Analytics
Honorable mentions: and Bloglines

3. Best Web Standards Resource

Winners: Basic Web Standards Workshop and The Way Forward with Web Standards
Honorable mention: Ten reasons to learn and use web standards

4. Best CSS Layout Template

Winner: In search of the One True Layout
Honorable mention: A CSS Framework

5. Best Site Redesign

Winner: A List Apart
Honorable mentions: Jonathan Snook and Ordered List

6. Best Web Design Book

Winner: Bulletproof Web Design by Dan Cederholm
Honorable mention: The Zen of CSS Design by Dave Shea and Molly Holzschlag

7. Best Web Design Newsletter

Winner: New Thinking by Gerry McGovern
Honorable mention: Web Design Update by the University of Minnesota Duluth (yes, really)

8. Best Movable Type Plugin

Winner: Big Template Window
Honorable mention: Custom Fields