Juicy Fruit Blog: So Bad It’s Good

[via “TechCrunch”:http://www.techcrunch.com/?p=221] The “Juciy Fruit blog”:http://www.juicyfruit.com/?fromEmail=yes&emailSection=hercules_landing&blog_day=39 is one of the best examples I’ve seen of a marketing department totally not getting something but then trying to milk it anyway.
I thought these sorts of cheesy product sites died out in the late-90s. This comment sums the site up:
bq. Most pathetic attempt by Marketing to ride the coattails of something they clearly don’t understand that I’ve seen in a long time.
Classic stuff!

Introduction to using Blogs and Wikis within Companies

Lauren Wood has written an article about using blogs and wikis within large enterprises.
Not only is this a good article for anyone trying to promote the benefits of these tools to management (or for someone in management trying to gain a better understanding of what these new-fangled things are all about), but she also happened to interview me about our use at Children’s Hospital of blogs for our external web site and our intranet.

How to Download Movable Type 2.661

Now that MT3.0 is out getting a copy of MT2.661 has become quite a challenge. Note that I said “a challenge” and not “impossible” – here’s how (thanks to Patrick):

  1. Get a Typekey account
  2. Download the free version of MT
  3. Login to Typekey (if you’re not already)
  4. Choose to download the full version of MT3.0
  5. Cancel the download (unless you want it)
  6. Login to Typekey (if you’re not already)
  7. View “Your Typekey Profile Page”
  8. Choose to download MT2.661

Simple! (er, not).