Movable Type Woes

Ack! I’ve just had to reinstall MT and it’s been a real pain to do. It became necessary after I wrote a post and when I tried to publish it, MT totally crashed on me. Some frantic scouring of the support forums showed me that the likely cause was that I had ran out of space on my web server and as a consequence, my MT database had become corrupted.
I upgraded my web hosting account to solve the first issue, but then couldn’t find a way to repair my database – the only option seemed to be a complete reinstall. So, I exported my entries and saved my custom templates and proceeded through the laborious task of installing MT.
Some gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair later, I had it installed. For a while, I couldn’t work out why no styles or images were showing for the MT screens – I had the right path entered in mt.cfg. Over to the support boards I headed again, to discover that the line in mt.cfg is commented out by default – doh! That is so easy to miss – I wish there was a mention of it in the documentation.
Anyway, finally my installation was up and running and so I reimported my archives…only to discover that for some reason they had only been exported up to mid-January. So now I’ve lost about a third of my posts, including a couple that took quite a bit of time and effort to write – aaagh!!!
Jeez, this is frustrating. It’s almost like starting from scratch again. Oh well, at least this time, there shouldn’t be any more problems [fingers crossed].