Online coupons design gallery banner

Online Coupons Design Gallery

Designing online coupons is not simply an exercise in creativity. A good online coupon campaign can attract new customers, bring back existing customers, and sell large quantities of products far cheaper than a large scale ad campaign. Therefore it is essential to follow good design and copywriting practices in order to maximize the coupon’s effectiveness. Read More

Faceted navigation design gallery banner

Faceted Navigation Design Gallery

Website visitors often want to find something but have an incomplete list of the parameters they are looking for. Faceted navigation, which is also known as faceted search, faceted browsing, or guided navigation, is a user interface technique to help users gradually find what they want by providing them with a selection of visible options to filter or refine a large set of results.

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Pull quote design gallery banner

Pull Quotes Design Gallery

Pull quotes — also known as block quotes or lift-out quotes — are a small selection of text that is pulled out and quoted in a larger typeface. They are a great way to attract attention to a particular point, especially in long articles.

They are a great way to add some visual flair to a text-heavy page and can be styled in a variety of ways to make them stand out. They also work well for skim readers as a way to provide a preview or ‘taste’ of the content on the page. Use sparingly to be effective and always in service of the content.

Talkwalker pull quote design example

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