The Top 8 Search Engine Optimization Techniques

In “The 80/20 Of Search Engine Marketing” (“Part 1”: and “Part 2”:, Yaro Starak discusses “The 8 Essential Things You REALLY Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization” by SEO guru Brad Fallon.
Fortunately, he goes into some detail about what these ‘essential things’ actually are; I’ve listed them here as an introduction to his posts.

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Great Collection of SEO Resources

BMTutorials has posted a very comprehensive “SEO Submission Link List”: which includes a whole bunch of resources on SEO.
Of particular interest is their list of non-reciprocal link directories. I posted a collection of these myself a while back – “Free Web Directory List”: – along with some tips for making the submission process as pain-free as possible.
Between these two lists anyone who needs some “inbound link love” should have more than they need to get their web site on the map.

Free Keyword Research Guide

(via “DONOTREMOVE”: Wordtracker have published a 75 page PDF on how to conduct successful keyword research.
Although it primarily talks about how to use Wordtracker for your research (and uses a fictional online vegetarian dog food store as its example), there are a lot of tips and advice from SEO and copywriting experts that can be applied in more general terms to this topic.

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