High Rankings’ SEO Process

by Jill Whalen

The first thing I do when starting a new SEO campaign is find out the goals for the site and the optimization in general.

For instance, is the goal simply to drive more targeted traffic to the site or is it to get people to sign up for a newsletter? Is the goal to get someone to make a purchase online, or is it to entice people to call or fill out a form requesting more information?

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Search Engine Optimization Tool

I’ve been using a great free search engine optimization tool from Softnik Technologies called Good Keywords. It enables you to see how popular certain keyword phrases are with particular search engines. This is invaluable for choosing page titles and headings and also for helping you to lace your content with appropriate keywords. If you’re a bit new to all this, you can learn more about writing good page titles.
If this isn’t enough, Good Keywords enables you to check out your link popularity (the number of links pointing to your site) on the major search engines as well as to see your overall site popularity (based on the service provided by Alexa.com). It’s an excellent way to see how your site is stacking up against the competition.
Incidentally, you can check for good keywords on the web too, using suggestiontool.com but it’s much more convenient to have it in a desktop app.