The Most Popular Medium Articles on Product Management

A lot has been written on Medium about product management. A lot. You only have to do a search for product management or view all the posts tagged with product management to get an idea of the huge volume of knowledge available.

To help sift through all the noise, I’ve collected the 18 most liked (well, clapped) articles that are directly focused on the subject. Read More

18 Fantastic Free Fonts to Make Your Web Designs Stand Out [Infographic]

Whether you’re looking to make your designs more techy or more classy, this collection of free web fonts by Plato Web Design has something for every occasion, along with tips on how best to use them.

For convenience, I have provided links to the fonts after the infographic. Or you can download them all in a .RAR file from the source page.

Fantastic free fonts infographic

Download the Fonts

When you view a Google font below, don’t forget to click on the “Pairings” tab to see which other fonts it goes well with. To use the font as a web font or to download it, click on the “Open [font name] in Google Fonts»” link at the top of the font specimen page.

If you do want to download a Google font, once you click through to the “Open [font name] in Google Fonts” page, click on the down arrow icon at the top right of the page (above the ‘page load speed’ graphic). You may also want to check out SkyFonts as a service to keep your downloaded Google fonts up-to-date.

Boring Font Replacements

Tech Fonts

Classy Fonts

Fancy Cursive Fonts