Great Introduction to Eye Tracking

UXMatters has a very comprehensive introduction to eye tracking this month – “Introduction to Eyetracking: Seeing Through Your Users’ Eyes”: To quote the author:
bq. Eyetracking offers unique benefits and provides a practical alternative to conventional discount usability testing.
This is the first in a series of articles which will use eye tracking to evaluate user interfaces, both on the web and on the desktop. If you’re interested in usability, these will be well worth following, I’m sure.

10 Tips to Improve Web Site Usability Testing

Web site usability tests are easy to run and they don’t have to be perfect for you to learn a lot from them. The important thing is just to do them on a regular basis so that you can observe user behavior on your site.
Every time I run one I learn new things about what works and what doesn’t on our site. I also learn how I can improve the way I conduct our testing.
Here are some things I’ve learned that you might find useful:

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