Make Internal Links Scroll Smoothly with JavaScript

There’s an interesting article over at Sitepoint about using Javascript to enable jump links to scroll you smoothly down the page to another location. According to the author, the reasoning behind this is that:

When they’re navigating through a long document, users often are confused or disoriented when they click a link that jumps to another location in that same document.

Are they? Based on what evidence? In all the usability testing I have done, never once has a user complained to me that having a link take them to another location on a page is confusing.

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Bloated Home Pages Increase Travel Site Load Times has a great speed comparison of three leading travel sites and comes up with some interesting findings.

Plus it has a catchy title — Overweight Travel Sites Delay Holiday Travelers — although, from an SEO standpoint, it would benefit from being a little less cute and a bit more obvious as to what it’s about.

Anyway, the fact that the sites’ home pages average about 150kb is pretty scary; don’t they care about dial-up users? I’d never heard of the term “HTTP Compression” before reading this article either; there’s a useful technology that more sites should be using.

Maybe they are and I’m just late to the table?