How Much Should I Charge?

This question gets debated a lot, and seems to have recently risen to prominence again in some well known blogs. And rightly so, of course, for even though the majority of us would do this stuff for free, it does help to be able to afford to keep that roof over your head.
This question is particularly tricky for people starting out in the web design business, so I thought I’d give my take, based on my own experience.

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A Good Use of Flash

The Washington Post “Faces of the Fallen” page is about the best use of Flash I’ve seen in a long while.
Notwithstanding the subject matter (whether you’re for or against the war, this page vividly brings home its tragic human cost), the implementation of the tool is excellent – intuitive to use, with subtle design elements that aid understanding of the content and well integrated into the page.
The designers behind this page obviously understood that Flash works best when it is used to enhance the content it is presenting, and not just to put it across in a showy way. As a consequence, this page has struck a deep chord with me, and I am sure I will be returning to it in the future.

Gurus v. Bloggers Design Shootout

The “First Official Gurus v. Bloggers Design Shootout” is a very entertaining read. It’s good to see that Andrei Herasimchuk has a sense of humor, as I was beginning to wonder. I can’t wait for round 2.
However, I do take issue with his comment about Keith Robinson being a “self-proclaimed web designer”. As well as being the lead web developer for Seattle Children’s Hospital, Keith is also active in the freelance arena. I don’t see anything “self-proclaimed” about that.
And it is by no means clear to me why Andrei put himself in the “gurus” group and Zeldman in the “bloggers”. To my mind, it should be the other way around.
Still, and entertaining and topical read…