A Remarkable Coincidence?

Is it just me or does that navigation for Topix.net look remarkably similar to Doug Bowman’s Sliding Doors of CSS example?

Not that there’s any law against this, although I was disappointed to see that they hadn’t implemented Doug’s technique to make the text in the navigation actually resizable. On a related note, I would go so far as to suggest that text resizing as a whole needs to be looked into on the Topix site.

A Missed Opportunity

So I’m feeling very jealous about not having gone to SxSW, especially after Keith filled me in on all the cool people he met and the fun parties he went to.
There seems to be a general consensus that one of the best things about the conference was the opportunity to meet a bunch of people who you only know in the online sense. As Keith mentioned in an earlier post, the web is built by people for people – I think it’s sometimes easy to forget that.
My only challenge for SxSW ’05 is how to get down there on the company dollar – I’m sure I’ll find a way; after all, I have a whole year to plan.

Knowledge Management Best Practices

There’s a good article at CIO about knowledge management best practices using some real world examples of companies that have been successful at it.
I particularly liked the tips for making knowledge management work for other organizations:

→ Start with the enthusiasts
→ Convince the influencers
→ Make it a no-brainer
→ Hire a knowledge coordinator
→ Tell stories
→ Recognize contributors
→ Create in-person knowledge forums

Incidentally, I quite liked the “Reader ROI” sidebar that accompanies the article, which gives you a quick bulleted overview of what’s in the article and why it might be useful. A nice touch.