Free Web Directory List

I’ve recently been submitting a site to some free web directories in order to help its search engine rankings. And, boy, what a thankless task that is!

Anyway, I thought it might be useful to others if I provided a list of the ones I submitted to. In going through this process I winnowed out a lot of dreck and ones that are no longer accepting free submissions (thanks spammers). Read More

Why Web Managers Need To Get On The Road

by Gerry McGovern
The better the web manager the more time they will spend out of the office; the more time they will spend in front of the reader.
David Shaw is the editor of the Scottish Enterprise website, and I spent some time with David and his team a couple of months ago. In a previous career, David was the editor of a Scottish fishing industry magazine.

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Web Design Pricing

I happened to be over at Newfangled Web Factory’s site (cool name, by the way) for a reason that now escapes me, and I noticed that they had a whole page devoted to their pricing.
Normally, this is something that web design firms shy away from – for fear of frightening off potential clients, I suppose – and so Kudos to Newfangled for being so upfront.

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