Cheap Stock Photography: Big Stock Photo

No idea how I haven’t come across this site before. Big Stock Photo (referral link) looks and works pretty much like iStockphoto, which is certainly no bad thing.

Their selection is good with over 150,000 images to browse through (although iStockphoto just hit the 500,000 milestone), and the quality is very good.

Take a look at the most popular photos to see what I mean. They have all the usualy categories, advanced search functionality, lightboxes, etc, that you would expect to find (although I was surprised to see a sexual category!)

Pricing is about the same as iStockphoto, with a similar discount if you order download credits in bulk.

One good thing (at the moment) about Big Stock Photo is that they are clearly less well known than their competitor – Big Stock Photo has an Alexa rank of 6780, while iStockPhoto’s is a whopping 477.

This means that you are less likely to see images you use showing up elsewhere on the web, which is always worth keeping in mind.

Another nice feature is Big Stock Photo’s affiliate program. You earn $5 per referred customer, when that customer reaches $20 worth of downloads.

You’re not likely to strike it rich with this program, but it’s better than nothing.

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