Color Pickers and Color Scheme Pickers

I was looking to find a nice color scheme for a site the other day and a quick search of the web brought back a number of useful online tools. I thought I’d make a list of them (in no particular order), more for my own benefit really.

As a side note, it would seem that the web-safe color palette has finally gone the way of the dinosaur. I don’t think there are many designers (any?) out there who are concerned about this once-significant limitation.

Each of these apps has slightly different slant on picking colors and color schemes, and some are definitely better than others:

2 thoughts to “Color Pickers and Color Scheme Pickers”

  1. Colour Links

    Colour Tools ColorMatch Remix — created by Twysted Methyd Color Calculator Colour Scheme — a must see Easy RGB — for PC only Colour cop — I use it all the time Color Wheel — create harmonious color schemes Abitom…

  2. Althought not an actual color picker persay, //// COLOURloversâ„¢ is a community of color lovers who share their passion of paletts in a thriving community.

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